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UnShucked Mysteries
with your host Robert Stalk

Fridays and Saturdays | 7:30 PM | March 22nd - April 20th
Tickets are $15 - Online sales encouraged

UnShucked Mysteries takes the beloved, and nightmare-inducing, series Unsolved Mysteries and puts our own Corn twist on things. The show will comprise of sketches making up the "segments" of our episode to tell the "real" stories of perplexing disappearances, shocking murders, and paranormal encounters all hosted by our very own discount Robert Stack, AKA, Robert Stalk


Playing into the overly dramatic reenactments and outlandish storytelling of the original series this spine-chilling comedy plans to be a fast-paced romp and pointed look at the cultural obsession of true crime.

UnShucked Mysteries is directed by Olivia Sieck and assistant-directed by Kristina Newcomb. Choreography is by Heather Meyer and Sound Design is by Shelby Steele.

The ensemble cast includes Andi Scales, Chris Woolsey, Cooper Lyke, Lizzie Jin White, Maddy Grady, Melissa Harrison, Michael Brooks, Ross Childs, Sam Campos, Shelby Steele, Sonny Walls, and Yizleibis Barreto.

UnShucked Mysteries is written by Kristina Newcomb, Michael Brooks, Olivia Sieck, Issa Polstein, Chris Woolsey, and Lizz Leiser.


House opens 20 minutes before showtime.

Advance Purchase Recommended\

Cornservatory is BYOB - Please Drink Responsibly

Box Office has no cash

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