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Corn Productions Presents:
Almost 24 Hours: A Sketch Show
420 Edition

Saturday, April 20th |10PM 
Tickets are $15 

What happens when you take 5 writers and give them a random prop and costume from the depths of the Cornservatory basement, then have them write two brand new sketches using those items overnight, then take some directors and actors and give them the day to stage and rehearse those sketches? We don't know. How about we all find out together?

Once again we are taking the entire creative process and cramming it into less than 24 hours. The sketches you see will have been birthed not more than 24 hours before they hit the stage. Come for the comedy, laughs, and absurdity that we create.

The show is BYOB.  Maybe you'll need it, or not, to get through whatever the hell we come up with.

Tickets are only $15 and help support the theatre in making more weird, comedic, and more prepared art for our audiences.


House opens 20 minutes before showtime.

Our theatre is BYOB, please drink responsibly.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

For questions please email:

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