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Graveyard Ghost! A Corny Crew Mystery
A Halloween Comedy for Young Audiences

Saturdays and Sundays | 11AM | October 7th - November 5th
Tickets are $15 for Adults - $10 for kids under 12 - Free for kids under 2
***No Show October 28th - Join us for the North Center Business Trick 'r' Treat***

When a town's cemetery is sold to a developer and plans are made to build over it, strange and spooky things start going on among the graves. Neighbors have reported hearing scary noises, and construction workers claim to see ghastly shadows. Could there really be a graveyard ghost? Or is someone malicious causing mischief?


Meet the Corny Crew: Cobby, Poppy, and Sparky, a group of meddling kids with a knack for solving mysteries, and CORN-i, their robot pal who's missing a few screws. With help from the audience, the crew digs up dirt on the graveyard and the town and uncovers the truth about the folks who live there. Join them on their eerie encounters, slapstick stakeouts, and candy corn cravings in this mystery comedy for all ages. Audience participation and Halloween costumes encouraged!



Brittany Sue Hines - Cobby

Mary Ferguson - Poppy
Cooper Lyke - Sparky

Liam Schlosser - CORN-i

Kristina Newcomb - Ronald Rump

Meme Matteson - Charlie
Jamie Link - Gertrude McBertrude

Paul Kauffman - Groundskeeper
Zach Kunde - Mayor Sanchez


Creative Team

Tom Cannan - Writer/Director

Sydney Hanson - Assistant Director/Movement Coordinator


House opens 20 minutes before showtime.

Advance Purchase Recommended

Box Office has no cash

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