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Corn Productions Presents:

Fridays and Saturdays | 7:30 PM
Jan. 6th-14th and Jan 27th-Feb 4th | 
Tickets are $10

Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Corn Productions Presents DRINK: The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game - S.A.D. Edition. Listen, winter is tough. The days are shorter, the sun goes down way too early, and it's cold and gross outside. Why not celebrate our collective Seasonal Affective Disorder together with good company and some drinks with a side of comedy.

Each sketch is a new drinking game, so pace yourself. From the allure of the artificial sun lamp, the trials of therapy, and how to measure the sadness we feel inside. DRINK: S.A.D. Edition is here to help you forget the cold, dark world outside even if only for an hour or so.

Directed by Tom Cannon and Justin Oliver Lance

With an ensemble cast including Shannon Burke, Tom Cannon, Caitlin Cusack, Deanna DeMay, Zachary Denmark, Sydney Hanson, Joshua Hoover, Maria Lee, Jamie Link, Ronnie Lyall, Zoe Nemetz, and Deana Velandra.

Written by Justin Oliver Lance, Tom Cannon, Deanna DeMay, Shannon Burke, Madison Meeron, Brooke Erin Smith, Joshua Hoover, Olivia Sieck, and Zachary Denmark

The show is BYOB, please drink responsibly. Tickets must be purchased online in advance.


House opens 20 minutes before showtime.

Our theatre is BYOB, please drink responsibly.


Tickets must be purchased online. NO SALES AT THE DOOR

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