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Tangerines are Blonde!

Featuring Tangerine and Justice is Blonde

Thursdays at 8 p.m. | November 7th - 21st

Two of Chicago Improv’s premiere duos perform onstage together for a night that celebrates the partners we have in life (and crime!) and relishes the parallels and disparities of these cohorts with biting wit and all-too-real caricatures, turning mundane into electrifying (and we don’t mean in a capital punishment way!).

The improv duo Justice is Blonde, Martina Logan and Georgia Gove, improvisationally twists the detective genre, putting fear in the hearts of criminals!  Each night, with a suggestion of a crime from the audience, the duo develops daring detective deftness. They plot the dastardly deposition playing as despots, delinquents, and desperadoes. And they have yet to get the same crime twice so anything goes as they play every role in your favorite episode of "Law & Order," but with matching outfits.

Formed through the alliance of shared cynicism, nostalgia for their California hometowns, and a passion for the music of “Heart,” Tangerine is the combination of Vinny Tangherlini and Tim Green and has been bringing joy and laughter to thousands, if not, dozens of people since these two hit the streets of Chicago.  Through one extended improvised scene, the duo will put one relationship under the microscope, exposing the eccentricities and dark secrets under the surface.  The show you see each week will be at times saddening, at others uplifting, but always (hopefully) hilarious!

Tangerines are Blonde will feature opening guest artists including stand-up, improv, dance and musical performers performing their own specific brand of comedy, followed by Tangerine’s joyful plunge into the depths of the purgatory of their lives and back and an “SVU” marathon from Justice is Blonde as a new crime is committed, solved, and tried (cue the Dum Dumm!), bringing these two teams together for the first time!

Additional Show Information

  • Genre: Sketch comedy

  • House opens at 7:40 p.m.

  • Street parking can be found all around the theater

  • This show is BYOB (includes alcohol - please drink responsibly)

  • You can make reservations by emailing corntickets@gmail.com

  • If not sold out, tickets are available at the door for CASH ONLY