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Odd's Bodkins:

Romeo & Juliet

Saturdays & Sundays at 2 p.m. | July 7 - 29

This renaissance style production emphasizes a traditional production of Elizabethan drama, using a collaborative rehearsal and directorial process, modern-anachronistic costuming, and a shorter rehearsal process. The end result is a production that is lively, fun, and more spontaneous than traditional productions.


"The collaborative nature of this style of the show is what really excites me”, says Janvrin. “With no director, every choice the actors make is decided through this democratic process - no one voice stands out above the others, and every actor is personally responsible for their own and the ensemble's performances in the show."


Additionally, this abridged edit of the bard’s most famous play is expected to run at approximately 90 minutes.


The play follows the story of two young lovers, each from warring families, who despite their best efforts to bridge a gap between their relations, tragically perished in a timeless story of passion, violence, and the consequences of prioritizing hate over love.


“I want audiences to witness Romeo being a lover that only fights out of love or loss of ”, says Halter, who plays Romeo. "Juliet is a young woman who doesn't always do what is expected of her”, says Miranda Bishop, who plays Juliet. “She takes her fate into her own hands and doesn't let anyone make her decisions for her.” 


Odd's Bodkins is a burgeoning, independent, original practices Shakespeare company founded in 2015 by Nora Manca Wickman and has mounted past productions of Winter’s Tale, Midsummer Night's Dream, and will be performing Macbeth in September. The current production will feature live music, performed by the cast, and choreographed bladed combat. Odd’s Bodkins produces classic plays with unconventional casts and staging that raises up the voices of those normally outside the mainstream of theater culture by featuring people of color and LGBTQ performers and brings a love of Shakespeare to the next generation through workshops and free school performances. The production is managed by Rebecca Janvrin and combat choreographed by Austin Halter.

Additional Show Information

  • House opens at 1:40 p.m.

  • Street parking can be found all around the theater

  • This show is BYOB (includes alcohol - please drink responsibly)

  • You can make reservations by emailing corntickets@gmail.com

  • If not sold out, tickets are available at the door for CASH ONLY