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Nightmares OFF Lincoln Ave

Nightmares OFF Lincoln Ave if a Spooky Sketch Competition featuring SE7EN comedy sketches, curated and hosted by the one and only Orlich Cockwell. For only $5 you can stream the show and vote on your favorite. The winner will receive a $100 cash prize while the runner up gets some cheap beer.

*Voting is free and open to everyone.

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Click the button below to purchase your Streaming Access. Once purchased you will be emailed a unique URL and Password to watch the show and your leisure. 

Please email

Subject Line: Nightmares

If you do not receive your access or have another technical issue.


Find more great content from our contestants:

Comedy Dance Chicago - The name says it all, They are a company that combines sketch comedy and dance while being from Chicago. A google search terms win, for sure. You can book a show or see one coming up at

@comedydancechicago on Facebook and Instagram

Looners Comedy - Check out their YouTube Page and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Amos Porter Productions - Find more of our work is and social media @AmosPorterProductions on Instagram Individually we are Zoey Danielson, @Zoey_Nicole, and Kelsey Schmidt, @RogueSchmidt

TVUnscripted - a comedy duo group based out of Colorado. Social Media @TVunscripted on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch. 

Erin Lok Comedy - See her comedy bits on Facebook

Jonathan Grutzius - Check them out on Instagram and Twitter  @JonnyJums

The Dirt Bags and Boys -  Kyle Mantegna, Clark Pavlik, Lizzy Rudakas, and Maggie Smith 

Voting has closed, a winner will be announced soon!

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